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Prioritize and Thrive

It's time to see the value in making yourself a priority!

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Ready to THRIVE instead of just survive?

My name is Tracy and I'm here to motivate you to be brave, adapt, so you can thrive all while navigating the chaos of your life and all the changes coming with it. 

I can help you:

    Be brave enough to make yourself a priority

    Adapt your mindset to accommodate healthier, more empowering habits

    Thrive, thanks to confidence and clarity

I'm here to help you remodel your mindset around your body, your career and relationships, and your overall self-confidence.

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Coaching provides accountability, compassion, and motivation!


Coaching is a process of discovery that guides you to adapt your mindset and behaviors so you achieve the goals. It's uncomfortable, but necessary if change is what you want.

Tracy will challenge you with compassion to bring about transformational change for the benefit of your dreams.



1 : 1 Coaching

Individual Life

and Health Coaching

Tracy offers her signature ADAPT to Thrive Framework program or a habit transformation program. If these don't fit your needs, she will customize a program for you.

6 or 10 sessions  |  40 minutes each

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Group Opportunities

Group Coaching

and Workshops

Check out the brand new group program called Coaching Circles: Healthy Mind and Body Reimagined!

Tracy offers seasonal workshops and is available to present to groups of women or your team.

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This portion of Tracy's offerings is going to grow like a weed!

For now, check out her blog posts to learn more about her and her coaching philosophy.

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